The education

The education consists of two parts: practical flying and a theory course. It is possible to start flying right away, and do the theory lessons later. We do not fly during the winter, where time instead is spend in the workshop, maintaining the gliders. It is also during the winter that the theory course is held. The theory course ends with a written exam (in danish only, unfortunatly).

The theoretical education

Gliding theory involves 6 different topics

  • Aerodynamics
  • Plane handling
  • Laws and regulations
  • Instruments and materials
  • Meteorology
  • Human limitations
Practical flying training

Starting flying training is possible from age 14. The first around hundred flights is done in a two seated glider with an instructor, who will assist you from the back seat, and ensure you have a comfortable and safe flight. The flying school follow a predetermined procedure with a fixed set of lessons that need to be taken in a given order. In the beginning the instructor will fly the plane at lower levels, and you are flying at safe altitudes. As your skills improve, the instructor wil do less and less, until you are good enough to fly alone

Single seated flying training

When the instructors are convinced that you able to handle the plane safely, you are ready to fly alone, under supervision of an instructor on the ground. This requires that an aero medical doctor examine your health, and sign you on for a “Class 2 Medical Certificate”.

Local flying

When you are more experienced an instructor will allow you to fly unsupervised in the local area around the airfield


When you have passed the theory exam and a practical test, - and paid the appropriate fee, you are entitled to recieve the Glider Pilot Licence from the CAA. You now have the formal permit to fly cross country alone for the first time.

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