• Low price
  • 159,-/pr month
  • Student membership. Get acces to planes that cost more than the BMW 5 serie
  • Lowest price in Denmark for students
  • No "new kind of plane" fee
  • No registration fee
  • Dkk 36 pr start
  • maximum 132DKK/h for flying the shcoolplanes
  • Sign up
  • As much as you can
  • 250,-/pr month
  • For an extra 250,- pr month you can fly all you want on all engineless gliders
  • This includes an ASK13, 2X SZD51-1 junior and a Discus
  • No "new kind of plane" fee
  • Binding period of 12 month
  • DKK 36 pr start
  • Signup
  • Go for it!
  • 2999,-
  • do you want to fly solo as soon as possible and get the certificat, then this is a super offer for you
  • No minute fee
  • No "new kind of plane" fee
  • No starting fee
  • Signup

Membership and prices

Membership, and minute fees valid from May 1st. The section below is an extract of the full prices wich can be found at takstregulativ.

Trial membership 499 DKK.

Are you considering to start as a glider pilot, but are in doubt whether it is for you, then a trial membership is the right thing for you. The trial membership includes the first five flights with an instructor (including the starting fee), a personal logbook, and a temporary membership of the Danish Gliding Association. The five flights must be flown in a three month period. Notice that unlike other clubs, Polytechnic Flying Group does not charge a new membership fee, an no fees for flying a new type of glider. Gliding as a sport can therefore be tried at a very low cost.

Membership prices

As an ordinary active member of PFG you have to pay a monthly membership, a fee for each start and a minute fee depending on the type of glider. Notice that some of the fees can be omitted by chosing one of the packages above.

Active memberhship 479 DKK./month.
Study memberhip 169 DKK./month.
Passive membership 399 DKK./year.
Udlandsmedlemsskab 539 DKK./year.
Starting fees
Winch launch 42 DKK.
Aerotowing, PFG planes 1500 DKK/tacho hour
Aerotowing, other planes 1800 DKK./tacho hour
TMG 540 DKK./tacho hour
Schooling package

Two seated trainees can for 2999DKK fly unlimited on the schoolplanes in april, may, june and july, all in all 50 possible flying days. The payment covers flying and launch fees during 4 months. The idea behind is that student two seated pilots can fly solo by flying intensively in four months, for a given price. The package can be begun at either the 1 st of April,May,june or Juli, and ends 4 months later. After the package has expired the member is trenfered to a regular membership.

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